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Re: A proposal for the "Five Criteria"

 > Currently three groups that have presented information,
 >    telephone stations (estimated 8M nodes in 2001,)
 >    wireless access points (estimated 700K nodes 2001,) and
 >    theatre/lighting control (no numbers presented.)
 > Additional applications have been identified such as
 > surveillance cameras, card keys and office controls.

FYI, Dallas Semiconductor has a complete Ethernet-capable embedded
system on a 68-pin simm which lacks only connectors and a power
supply.  It has an 8051 microprocessor bus and an integral Dallas
Semi's iButton interface.  iButtons are used in data acquisition,
entrance control, and data collection.  All three of these might find
their most appropriate location to be some distance from any source of

I'm thinking specifically of a 100-year-old Kraft cheese plant in
Canton, NY.  They have a cold rooms which could use temperature
monitoring.  No reason to have any outlets in a room which is nearly
freezing, and indeed, there are none.  It also has a packaging room
which lacks sufficient outlets, and in any case *everything* has to be
made from stainless steel and be watertight.  If I wanted to sell them
a solution, central powering would make it a cheaper sell.

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