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RE: 100TX using "Cross Over UTP CABLE" limitation

I have read your consult to about limitation using 100TX in Cross Over UTP Cable.
The ISO norm does not reccommend length over 90 metres for transmissions at 100 mbps although it may work at 10 mbps.
I can see you know how to connect the eight wires of the RJ45 but I can't. I have tried several times with different positions and it does not work.
I may be starting putting them in the wrong position of the RJ45.
The positions of the wires I have at the moment are
    Connector 1     Connector 2
            1                    3
            2                    6
            3                    1
            4                    4
            5                    5
            6                    2
            7                    7
            8                    8
but I don´t know it the protrusion of the RJ45 is upside or downside. Somebody reccomended me this kind of position but I am not sure if this is the right one.
Could please help me with this problem? Have you got any scheme or leaflet about this?
Many thanks and forgive my poor technical English.
José Angel Moreno
Málaga (Spain)