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DTE Power: Rough Agenda


Rough Agenda for DTE Power. Remember, presentations are due by 2/29/00. Once
they have been posted to the Website, they should be available for download
by 3/4/00.

Rough Agenda

Monday: 802 and 802.3 opening plenaries
    802.3af opening. General business, announcements, e-mail reflector,
rules for presentations, signing the books. 	Review progress to date, new
presentations, discussions.

    a.m. Continue work
    p.m. 802.3af closing --  motions; review action items; planning for,

    802.3 and 802 closing plenaries

As soon as all presentations have been received, the Agenda will be posted
to the Website.

David Law has made a request regarding the "Document Info" fields in your
PDF. I have reproduced it here for your reference.


Further to Jonathan's e-mail you may have noticed that we provide a search
for the various areas of the 802.3 Web site. Now for Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
the search tool extracts certain elements from the PDF "Document Info"
and translates them into HTML tags. It is these tags that are used to locate
documents during searches.

I therefore request that in the future when PDF files are produced for
on the web site that the "Document Info." fields of the PDF file are
as follows. To do this is in you own interest as it will make it easier for
others to locate your presentation.

Title     :- Place the title of your presentation here
Subject   :- IEEE P802.3ae
Authors   :- Place the presentation authors here

Information on how to access this information is as follows:-

Adobe PDFWriter
To enter this information if you are using Acrobat PDFWriter then when the
PDF File As' dialog appears hit the 'Edit Document Info.' button, enter the
information, and then hit 'OK' button.

Adobe Acrobat
To access these fields from Adobe Acrobat either use the menu options:
'File' -> 'Document Info' -> 'General' or the shortcut CTRL-D

Thanks in advance,
   David Law

See you next week!


Steven B. Carlson
Co-Chair, ESTA Control Protocols Working Group
Chair, ESTA ACN Task Group
Chair, IEEE 802.3 DTE Power via MDI Task Force
High Speed Design, Inc.
11929 NW Old Quarry Road
Portland, OR 97229
FAX 503.626.4206