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Re: Testing...hello??? Helloooooo???

Rick Brooks wrote:
> I wanted to add a few things to you list.
> 1) goal: achieve the lowest possible cost at the DTE load end:
>    a) possibly allow for non-isolated DC/DC converter (in those cases where safety rules allow this)
>    b) simplest lowest cost identity network at the DTE load end

Depends on the application.  For an application for which there are many
DTEs for a single switch port, this might be true.  But for a great many
applications, e.g. a desktop IP telephone, this is not true.  The owner
must pay for the equipment at both ends of the wire.  Why is there a
particular need to bias the costs toward one end of the wire or the other?
(: Yes, I understand that the switch end typically is serving a number of
wires.  I'm talking about the per-port cost. :)

-- Norm