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RE: May Interim Meeting

Hello Joerg,

The BCM5228 supports a scheme that has been proposed to 802.3af.  If you
review the presentations that have been made to this group
(, you will get a
good idea of the general method.

To answer your second question, the technique supported in this product is
clearly a pre-standard implementation.  I think it's fair to say at this
point that any DTE power implementation today cannot be ensured to be
compliant with 802.3af final standard, as the 802.3af group has some
significant decisions ahead of us.

Broadcom is committed to delivering standard compliant solutions, and
providing products that will support 802.3af in whatever form it takes.
However, the scheme supported by the BCM5228 is currently one of a variety
of proposed solutions.  Some of those proposed solutions would not be
compatible with our proposal; Broadcom does not claim that our current
scheme will be compliant with the final standard.

I would be glad to share more information with you, but I think most of the
people on the reflector who attended 802.3af are sufficiently familiar with
the details.


Kevin Brown

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Im watching the standards effords from distance and yesterday I learned
that Broadcom already anounced the BCM 5228 supporting powered Ethernet.
Who can me tell more? Can they ensure to be compliant with the final


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