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Re: Discovery process

This issue was discussed in committee. The decision was that:
         1) If the "discovery characteristic" was found then power would be 
         2) For a device to KEEP the ability to draw power without 
restarting discovery there would be a requirement for the load to draw a 
minimum amount of power (5 ma was mentioned) over the link.


At 11:10 AM 4/19/00 +0200, verger wrote:

>Hi guys,
>I am thinking about the different proposals done, concerning
>the discovery process, that in case where the terminal is
>locally powered then the power via MDI is not sent.
>Unfortunately, this case will be unavoidable since very often
>the terminal is installed by the end user who is not awared
>about the properties of the network infrastructure.
>Moreover the network is able to provide a safe power
>distribution (power with battery-back-up) and therefore
>it will be better to provide such a power to any terminals.
>What are you thinking about this problem?
>Our solution is to analyse the impedance under alternative
>voltage and this analyse stays efficient even the terminal
>is locally powered and therefore this allows providing a
>safe power to terminal whatever its state and in case of mains
>breaking holding the current communication with this terminal.