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Opinionated Questions-mine-too?


are we going to stop selling new switches and hardware? .  And NO, I am not 
talking about replacing existing one? if the answer is that  there will be
more switches and hardware sold for the to be etherneted customers, 
( ASIDE :New phys have way better reciver performance and excellent transmit jitter)
are we going to tell the customer look, find room for this extra power delivery box
in you closet or hack your patch panel .... at an added extra cost, when in reality
the "signal pairs" with some phy-added circuitry can deliver this -again per Dan's point of view
to deliver it reliably -once proven!.

I have shown data that once a switcher's noise is filtered, and yes some of us don't care
about the analog world and will deliver unfiltered power and have fun with it, the magnetic
can deal with the MLT3 signals with minimum disturbance.  Have I tested every phy out there
the answer is no. 

What I have done is show the MLT3 signal itself before and after power with a clean
power supply- and that looked very good.  
 please note that " half the link" have the latest phy on it- 
(the side that is  supplying power), and will have excellent transmit jitter and a very good receiver.

As much as using the "unused pairs" has an appeal from the Don't mess with the signal
pair point of view, it seems to me addressing the signal pair issue is something that we put off
now to tackle when gigabit  becomes a commodity not too far in the distant future.
please remember that Gigabit = 1000/100/10 or  at least 1000/100  so let's not think that
gigabit excludes the rest.

Basically my 2c on this is that adding external hardware to a NEW switch to deliver power
is not the most cost effective, reliable approach  (after all having the control circuitry in switch under
the guidance of the switch vs next to the patch panel may prove useful in debug....
one advantage to having power at the PANEL is we get to blame the power-box maker for the
problems that arise that is a short term (2 hour) good deal to figure things out...

Yes as we presented, we do use the "unused pairs" to deliver power still but see that
as half the solution.

my OWN -2c,