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Re: Boredom

OK, Roger, if you find time hanging heavy on your hands, how about telling
us a little about your proposed scheme?

I have a few questions to start with:

1. In the slideware, we always see a 4-pole relay at the DTE equipment end
used to switch out the discovery filter when power is applied.

a) Are you actually using a relay?

b) Do you have to use a relay for some reason, or could there be some
solid-state analog switching equivalent. If so, what are the isolation
requirements, etc.?

2. What kind of margins are you asking for/getting in terms of S/N on your
detection pulses? 

a) Do you have to cope with a certain amount of bit errors here? 

b) How about some scope pix of what the detection pulses look like after
they go through the filter and a round-trip run (200m) of CAT-5 cable and

c) What are the tolerances (maybe a template) on what the returned pulse(s)
must look like?

Our SPICE models show what we have seen in the slides to be rather
marginal, but we don't claim to have the whole picture.

These are the kind of questions that will have to be answered for the
standard even if your proposal were the only one, so you might as well get

C'mon, dude, this is engineering! Enough of this THIS IS IT: DEAL WITH IT
jazz, already.


Larry Miller

At 11:17 AM 5/9/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Don't tell anyone- but I am bored- really.
>let's go, what happened to the 1000BT -like wrestling? over the reflector,
>I was promised that this would be fun, and so far nothing, nothing proves
>I would really flame someone, or impose my ideas on you but at this point
>I shall speak for at least myself at CISCO (likely for a lot of us), what
is important to me in this
>standard is having a spec that an engineer understands when he/she
>will  read it without calling everyone that was present at the meeting and
>still be confused about it.   And having a standard that is engineering
>to the customer and myself, from a design/test/reliability/usability
>otherwise, let's send in the MBA's they can do a much better job
>at agendas and business flare ups, and at setting up rules for what is
>and what is not right.
>my 2c,