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Irrational Magnetic Exhuberance

Hi Larry

Late to this project- I got Bullish early on, and sharpened my Horns,
showed my teeth, and ask the mag vendors to collect data over 1000part
over temp .....

So, the Irrational exhuberance in this is that apparently early on the 
Egg Fryers among us wanted Amps out of the center taps, so The magnetic
vendors MAY have quoted the 10% number as a way to make people realize
that this can't be done.   I am sure that they will be glad to enlighten us,
and if your 35ma is the 10% of the 350ma max current required, my system
would not be working and the MLT3 shots that I honestly collected on the scope
over 0m and 100m of cat-5 cable would be really out of spice, I never
cheated on my homeworks (laughs).

 Larry's feedback
Anyway, that and at least one earlier meeting were where the questions were
raised (see the presentations) and the concern level heightened.

The "bottom line" performance estimates that we got from Pulse and Bel were
that they could control the DC balance or flux cancellation  within 10% of
the DC power delivered over variations in process, time, temperature and
phase of the moon (+/-35 mA or so of bias). We were therefore rather
surprised (to put it mildly) to see the bar raised so much in January.
So there is a chance Larry, that you got this right, I was not there, but
no data I have supports it,  Let's wait for the Magnetic vendors to fill us in....

I also enjoyed your story about finding that isolation on the cable is great, 
so does this imply that you are willing to risk sending noise down the line
in a bunch of cable in a bundle betting that this isolation will save you every time.