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RE: Dan- Again (response)

Hi Dan

I am gonna get busy here and try to deliver some input
(measurements at the meeting).  No intent to waste anyone's time here.
At this point I voiced my opinions...

and I am a bit surprised to see this "decided",  "objectives",  and you shipped
a head song and dance come up over and over.  These are the words that  normally
sound  "Non Technical"  for a lack of a better word
 to me, I delivered 10 reasons to use the signal pair, and so far the 
only arguments that I can see against that are:

0- The magnetic won't work (we can prove that it does)

1- you shipped, propietary stuff,  so it is not good, mine because it is in the
    lab still, is better.  I don't want to hear that you passed all these other things (EMI... SPECS)
    irrelevant, propietary stuff, bad for all of us.  We were never out to force a solution on
    the group, and for sure we can improve our scheme change it, and deliver an industry 
    solution to make life easier for all of us.  FYI, I don't feel guilty for delivering a product
    nor do I owe  anyone an apology.  And please remind me of a single statement made verbal
    or otherwise on my part that shows disrespect for anyone's solutions or saying that 
    Cisco's way is the way,  I still beleive that what we have is valuable and given open
    mindedness on the part of the group can be put to good use.

2- The comittee decided on x y z objectives.  and for sure that excludes what you beleive in.
    I enjoyed interacting with eveyone here and got to know you and Larry a little better,
    as you can tell I am new to the game here, but grateful to be a techie ....

see u there,