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Re: Boredom


>C'mon, dude, this is engineering! Enough of this THIS IS IT: DEAL WITH IT
>jazz, already.

I agree with your point above completely -- which is why I'm having problems with those on this list bashing a proposed option here while still admitted they have nothing to base in on scientifically....

I don't think "THIS IS IT",  even though I work for that same company. I just don't like the idea of engineers admitting they are using flawed and incomplete data when taking a position (the list email archive proves this to be true)....

>Larry Miller
>At 11:17 AM 5/9/00 -0700, you wrote:
>>Don't tell anyone- but I am bored- really.
>>let's go, what happened to the 1000BT -like wrestling? over the reflector,
>>I was promised that this would be fun, and so far nothing, nothing proves
>>I would really flame someone, or impose my ideas on you but at this point
>>I shall speak for at least myself at CISCO (likely for a lot of us), what
>is important to me in this
>>standard is having a spec that an engineer understands when he/she
>>will  read it without calling everyone that was present at the meeting and
>>still be confused about it.   And having a standard that is engineering
>>to the customer and myself, from a design/test/reliability/usability
>>otherwise, let's send in the MBA's they can do a much better job
>>at agendas and business flare ups, and at setting up rules for what is
>>and what is not right.
>>my 2c,
"At the end of the day... the most committed win!"

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