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DTE power port isolation

Hello all techies, marketeers, and evangelists.

I have an implementation question:
I believe that it was agreed (in the Mar 2000 meeting) that each port
that will source DTE power (on the Switch or Hub), must provide the following isolation:

from any port (RJ-45 pins 1 to 8, or RJ-21) to frame ground, or logic ground:
+/- 2200 VDC, or 1500 VAC, for 60 seconds


from any one port (RJ-45 pins 1 to 8, or RJ-21) to any other port (RJ-45 pins 1 to 8, or RJ-21):
+/- 500 VDC, or 355 VAC, for 60 seconds

Furthermore, these isolation requirements apply whether or not either port under test has
power turned on or off
. This implies isolated power on each port.

Is it correct to say that these are the requirements that the group has agreed to?
Please comment.

- Rick Brooks