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RE: Data

I am pulling numbers together for the marketing portion of the July 802.3af
tutorial; does anyone have a cost range for pulling CAT5?  In the 802.3
spirit of not discussing absolutes, what I'm really interested in is the
ratio of the cost for pulling 14-2 ROMEX to the cost of pulling CAT5...
ballpark.  Thanks

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"Steve Carlson" <scarlson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> on 06/20/2000 01:37:11 PM

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I was basing my arguement on the cost of running 120 VAC power to a
particular location that did not already have a power drop. The cost to run
a circuit up to a point near a ceiling for a webcam or wireless access
could range between $200 and $1000 (ballpark). The range is dependent upon
the local labor costs, how far they have to run the conduit, where the
breaker panel is, and so on. It's a lot of time and money to deliver 120VAC
at 0.2A.

The cost to pull CAT5 should be documented in a number of places. In my
experience, it is by far the least expensive wiring plant.



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> Hi Steve,
> I am trying to recall if I received this data via the study group or from
> conversations with you; I am almost sure you were the source.  You quoted
> the cost of stringing power cable vs CAT 5.  What is that ratio?  I have
> not been able to locate this on the archived database.  Thanks
> ...Ralph