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RE: power delivery question from Liaison report

Title: RE: power delivery question from Liaison report


just a reminder that 48 Vdc is a NOMINAL voltage (number of battery cells x 2) and has little to do with the limits of the operating range. The actual float voltage of the battery is 52.08 V (2.17 V/cell x 24 cells) for flooded batteries, and typically 54.00 V (2.27 V/cell x 24 cells). This is obviously the highest voltage ever appearing at the power-to-telecom equipment interface.

These voltages are all within the maximum SELV value of 60 Vdc (see IEC 60950).

For an example of the parameters needed to define a generic 48 V bus, see ANSI T1.315 Voltage Levels for DC-Powered Equipment Used in the Telecommunications Environment.

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