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RE: power delivery question from Liaison report

Title: RE: power delivery question from Liaison report

yes the PSE needs a current limit in any case.
I'm saying to set the PSE limit higher than 350 ma, and let the high power PD's make sure that they do not draw more than 350 ma, nor more than 13.9 watts, for example.

However, if we instead make the PSE be the dominant current limit,
then it will have both voltage and current regulation.
Therefore we would have to set the PSE current limit at 350 ma maximum.
Then the nominal current limit will be less than the max, say 1%, 2%, ... x% less than 350 ma,
not to mention the minimum current limit (350 ma - 4%,...). What tolerances are possible?
Again the maximum power output goes down accordingly, do we really want to do this?

What do others think?

The open question is: what accuracy of current limit is possible, and at what cost?

- Rick