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High level state machine adhoc

At the La Jolla plenary, an adhoc was formed to discuss / develop a high level
state machine for the control of what is logically the PSE side power on / of
switch.  This group does not intend to discuss the specifics of a discovery
mechanism, particular supply voltage or power level, though some consideration
of these topics may be necessary for our work.  To further the work of the
adhoc, the IEEE has established an e-mail exploder to serve as our primary
communications means.  Joining the adhoc can be accomplished by sending a mail


with the following line in the body of the text:

     subscribe stds-802-3-pwrviamdi-hl-states <your e-mail address here>

This is a closed list, you will receive an e-mail to that effect when you send
the e-mail  I will approve pretty much who ever signs up, but of course you need
to observe the usual IEEE decorum rules.  This reflector should be archived,
though as yet I do not have a web address for the archive.

Those of you who gave me a business card and expressed an interest, should
already be signed up and have received and e-mail from the mailing list to that