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RE: current limit on 48 VDC

Title: RE: current limit on 48 VDC


In previous power distribution systems my experience was similar to the suposition Rick expressed.  That is that we have to satisfy two ends:

A). To insure a reasonable and reliable level of available power without overloading the power source;
B). To meet safety requirements in a fail safe manner;
will likely require a two stage approach.

For Case A some form of electronic current limiting with a sharp knee using some active device (e.g. FET or three terminal regulator).  But as Roger points out silicon on a line is hazzard for failure (zap!).  Therefore we employ a second limiter (e.g. big resistor, PTC, fuse) in order to meet safety regulatory requirements for fail safe in preventing overloads, fires, etc.

There's my 2.


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