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white paper on coupled diode discovery

talk about the sound of one hand clapping....
I have not seen too much activity on the reflector.
Everyone must be on vacation. Speaking of which, I'm on vacation right now!

Anyway, there have been a few people who asked me for a basic overview,
and a few more details on the coupled diode discovery method.
These people had not been around for earlier IEEE meetings where Dan Dove,
and then Robert Muir
made proposals for using a diode for an identification network.

Anyway, I adapted my recent project paper for a class at SCU, and it explains
what is going on from a basic point of view, plus a few nuts and bolts.
(it's also in the Sept 2000 meeting folder)

I hope this helps to explain what's going on, and how I implemented the
Verilog code.
This is, of course, just one of many ways to use this method.

- Rick