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DTE Power: September Interim in New Orleans


It's one week until our meetings in New Orleans. I would like to remind
everyone that the cut-off date for submitting presentations is tomorrow, 5
September. Please send your request for presentation to the Chair, along
with a
PDF copy. Please send a PDF copy to David Law (David_Law@xxxxxxxxxxxx), our
Webmaster, and request that he post it to the September Interim Meeting
area.  The goal is to have all presentations on the site prior to the
meeting dates. Presentations which are not on the Website one week prior to
September 12 will be scheduled on a "space-available" basis. Hard copies of
presentation must be provided in order to present.

I would like to hear from you as soon as possible, even if your presentation
is not yet complete. I would like to avoid a rash of last-minute
requests. So far, it's been pretty quiet out there...

David Law has asked me to remind everyone of the requirements for the
"Document Info" fields in the PDFs:

When PDF files are produced for placing on the web site please make sure
that the "Document Info" fields of the PDF file are completed as follows. To
do this is in you own interest as it will make it easier for others to
locate your presentation.

Title     :- Place the title of your presentation here
Subject   :- IEEE P802.3af
Authors   :- Place the presentation authors here

Information on how to access this information is as follows:-

Adobe PDFWriter
To enter this information if you are using Acrobat PDFWriter then when the
PDF File As' dialog appears hit the 'Edit Document Info.' button, enter the
information, and then hit 'OK' button.

Adobe Acrobat
To access these fields from Adobe Acrobat either use the menu options:
'File' -> 'Document Info' -> 'General' or the shortcut CTRL-D

I look forward to seeing you in New Orleans.



Steven B. Carlson
Co-Chair, ESTA Control Protocols Working Group
Chair, ESTA ACN Task Group
Chair, IEEE 802.3af DTE Power via MDI Task Force
High Speed Design, Inc.
11929 NW Old Quarry Road
Portland, OR 97229
FAX 503.626.4206