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RE: DTE power sequencing

Hi Rick,

I have red your proposal and to my opinion it is really important to define
those parameters.
Please find below few changes that I am suggesting in order to support wider
types of applications.

Discovery time: up to 500mSec.
Ramp Up time: Up to 0.5sec. 
Power Up time: Up to 1sec.
( All of the above 3 parameters are important to support Power supplies with
long startup time due to very low startup current
  or power supplies that designed a specially to remote feeding applications
and includes Under Voltage lock out timers in it.)

Power Down Time: up to 0.5sec is O.K. if  not include the time needed to the
power supply input capacitor
to discharges when the input voltage is below the under voltage setting
point. This alone could took few seconds in some applications.


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> Subject:        DTE power sequencing 
> Hi all, 
> I have put a short proposal together regarding the sequencing on and off
> of DTE power. 
> It tries to define various time intervals which will be useful to us, and
> the customers of DTE power. 
> It covers both turning on power: (discovery and ramp up) as well as
> turning off power (disconnect recognition and ramp down)
> I think that both are important and need to be covered. 
> You can find this proposal at: 
> <
> df> 
> thanks, 
> - Rick