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Re: Suggested change to the 802.3af home page

I disagree with your suggestion.
I don't think these topics are appropriate for the top page but rather belong down at least one level. I would welcome a discussion of what would be an appropriate reorganization of something at the "802.3af public area" or below.

At 01:00 PM 9/15/00 -0400, RDLove wrote:
I would like to suggest some changes to our 802.3af home page.  I am sending this note to the reflector, because I would like others to think about what information they want to see direcly pointed to on our home page for easily tracking our task force activities.
The present home page contains the following:  
Additional pointers and information I would like to see on there include: I invite others to suggest additons (or modifications) to this list.
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