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RE: RJ-45 common mode radiated emissions testing

Title: RE: RJ-45 common mode radiated emissions testing

I was trying for the worst case for common mode radiation.
There were not any differential mode signals generated, except by mode conversion.
The results are ball park in any case.

What you ask for is possible, but not what I was trying to do.
I wanted to add one data point for what common mode noise could be tolerated from the PSE power supply,
given Roger's conclusion that radiated emission requirements are the more restrictive limit for power supply noise.
A conclusion that I agree, by the way, with for frequencies of 30 MHz and higher.

I did this EMC testing as a freebie, I don't have a plan to redo this EMC testing.
If I do any testing in the future, I will keep your request in mind.

- Rick