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RE: response to Bob Leonowich's presentation, page 17, Sept 2000

Title: RE: response to Bob Leonowich's presentation, page 17, Sept 2000

here are my comments on your comments:

rb: the signature transformers pass 100 KHz signals, so the common mode rejection is good, at high clock frequencies
routing or filtering might be required. This could be incorporated into the drivers.

rb: My view is that you can filter the DC power supply where ever you want. The diode detection
counts on having an output cap on the power supply to provide a low impedance path in both directions through the loop.

rb: As you have framed the scheme (PHY based detection, PHY or logic managed), yes you need these (at least some) control signals.

That does not have to do with the detection method however, the method can be done in the power supply as well.
But are you suggesting putting the mgmt in your detector chip or the power supply?
How do you communicate with your power supply and detector?

rb: I doubt if there will be a positive response to the diode detection scheme, if true, this point is moot.

rb: I agree with you here.
We should probably just pick one pair and be done with it anyway, this would mean only one identity networks,
and less diodes required.

- Rick