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Re: response to Bob Leonowich's presentation, page 17, Sept 2000

Hi Rick,

Comments on comments on commen...

5.) Conveyance of current use from supply to upper levels (to facilitate network 
     management) requires crossing the isolation barrier and additional
     circuits in 
     the supply 

     This is not tied to the discovery method. 

     rhl: However, there seems to be an additional cost associated with
     this function 
     in the diode scheme (as presented) since the increased cost of the power
     with and without this function was not given. 

rb: As you have framed the scheme (PHY based detection, PHY or logic managed),
yes you need these (at least some) control signals.

That does not have to do with the detection method however, the method can be
done in the power supply as well. 
But are you suggesting putting the mgmt in your detector chip or the power
How do you communicate with your power supply and detector? 

 Just to clarify, my comments were strictly limited to the implementations
as presented Sept. on page22

As compared to page 6

As I tried to estimate the cost of providing all 4 elements of DTE power
and the necessary communications to each:
Signature Detection
Control Mechanism
Over/Under current detection
Supply On/Off Switching