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RE: FW: Composite list of tests for DTE detection

Title: RE: FW: Composite list of tests for DTE detection

I think what you saying is generally reasonable.
We should test radiated emissions with both CAT-3 and CAT-5.
Both discovery and power excite the pair to pair mode, but there is always some coupling into the true common mode,
which is what really radiates.

Also, like you say, it is beneficial to test the following loads: identity network, open, and short.

As far as doing conducted on the data cables, I'm not sure that EN 55022 calls for it.
In any case testing conducted emissions generally involves using a LISN on the AC power line input.
How is it performed for a data cable?
Conducted Immunity uses a common cable clamp instead.
At least the conducted tests cover frequencies below 30 MHz, which is important.

By the way, for the diode discovery radiated emissions test, did you notice that the discovery spectrum
was only about 2 dB above the noise floor of the chamber and test equipment?
I'm not trying to imply that the risk is low or anything.

- Rick