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RE: hazard matrix testing


When Mike McCormack comes to UNH in early October I was planning on going
through the lab and plugging into anything with an RJ-45 including, Ethernet
(10, 100, 1000), Token Ring, FDDI, VGAnyLAN (if we have any left), test
equipment like the Fluke One Touch and DSP2000 and 4000, wireless access
points (yeah I know, its Ethernet), ATM, T1, etc...This should cover the
non-Ethernet RJ-45 devices along with a lot of legacy Ethernet devices.

Mike, when do want to come up?  It looks like I will not be here October 5th
and 6th but I can have someone available to show you around.


Gerard Nadeau
Fast Ethernet Consortium Manager
Gigabit Ethernet Consortium Manager

InterOperability Lab
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Jere Chase OE Room 201
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Subject: hazard matrix testing

I am wondering who would be willing to help test the various discovery
methods against a wider range
of non-Ethernet devices, based on the hazard matrix chart.
So far, most of this testing has been related to finding what devices might
fool the discovery processes.
But, we also need to test for what happens when we plug a non-Ethernet RJ-45
device (that also supplies power)
into a PSE with a given detection scheme. Does any damage occur?
Also, we probably need more testing for discovery on non-Ethernet RJ-45
Who can help out?
- Rick