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May 2001 Interim meeting location

(My apologies to those of you who receive multiple copies of this message)

Summary: Hotel in York now unable to meet 802.3 interim meeting needs.


For those that attended the recent 802.3 interim meeting you will remember that
there was a discussion about future Interim meeting locations. During that
discussion there was a vote to choose between the offer of a May 2001 meeting
located in York UK and a September 2001 meeting located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The result of this vote was to accept the offer by Giga to host an interim
meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, in September 2001. Following that vote there was
some discussion about the May 2001 interim location and there was then a
subsequent vote that expressed an interest in also accepting 3Com's offer to
host the May 2001 meeting in York, UK. At that time I was asked, if possible, to
keep that option open until the November 2000 Plenary meeting where a final
choice could be made between York and any other offers for May 2001 that were
made at that time.

Subsequent to this request, I contacted the hotel and I am sorry to have to
report that the hotel can not meet our requirements. For example, they would now
only be able to offer 125 rooms in the hotel and have to rely on a nearby
overflow hotel for the remaining attendees - something Geoff, Jonathan, Steve
and I would prefer not to do. Jonathan said at the meeting that I had the option
of going ahead with the contract if needed. I do not feel it is fair to do this
nor am I sure how much this would help at this point.

Due to this, in consultation with Geoff, Jonathan and Steve, I have decided to
no longer pursue the option of York in May 2001. I hope this is not too much of
a disappointment to you all and I hope you will be kind enough to choose to
accept an invitation to a meeting hosted by 3Com in the UK in the future.

   David Law