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Outstanding 802.3af issues-list

All, I have taken the Issues list from the highlights report recently submitted, and created a stand-alone document as a Word file, which is attached to this note.  Since the interim meeting there have been a number of discussions on the reflector including static discharge, and leakage current.  I thought that nothing was presented that should be elevated to an "issues" problem.  Please fire back a note if you disagree. 
Steve, please ask David Law to post this ".doc" file in a prominent place on our web site.  I have left it in Word rather than PDF format to make it easy for others to download in tablular form, and make constructive comments, suggestions, additions, deletions and corrections to the table. 
All, if you have proposed changes to the table, please send a note to the reflector with the exact replacement text you would like to see in the table.  If you have less specific problems that are not amenable to boiling down to bullet format, fire them off anyway.  Perhaps someone can tackle the job of reducing the comments for table entry.
If there is input on suggested changes to the table, I will update the table, about wekly.
Best regards,
Robert D. Love
President, LAN Connect Consultants
7105 Leveret Circle     Raleigh, NC 27615
Phone: 919 848-6773       Mobile: 919 810-7816
email: rdlove@xxxxxxxx          Fax: 720 222-0900

IEEE 8023af Issues List.doc