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RE: Presentations for 802.3af

Hi Steve,

I have some good news and some bad news. I will let the group
decide which is which.

Unfortunately, my current job responsibilities are going to keep
me tied up so tightly that I can not make the Tampa meeting. I
already reserved a room and thus might be able to transfer that
reservation to someone else if they are in need. It would have to
be a first-come-first-served basis though to prevent any appearance
of favoritism. :)

While I originally proposed the diode-detection method of discovery,
I have come to appreciate the simplicity and low-impact aspects of
Bob Leonowich's simple resistor detection scheme. I truly appreciate
all of the effort put on by Rick Brooks and Robert Muir to develop a
robust and cost effective diode-based detection method, but right now
I lean to the resistive detection method.

I hope that mid-span survives my absense as I know that there are others
in the committee who find it the most cost-effective way for customers
to apply power to their existing networks without involving a forklift.

I hope I can make the next meeting. Have fun folks!


Dan Dove

PS: let the race for the room begin!
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