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RE: Specifying Discovery

I agree with both Paul and Roger on the content for the spec. regarding discovery.
Roger if there is anything I can do help in the effort that you and Rick have begun let me know.
Best Regards
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Subject: Specifying Discovery

I'm sure others have already thought of this, but having a dialog might help us get to completion sooner, so here goes.

Now that there is a discovery method on the table I began thinking about how we specify it. Seems to me we only need to specify the identity network on the PD end, some sort of simple limitations on the PSE discovery signals, and then put an annex in the standard showing a proven implementation. The actual method used to do discovery in the PSE should be left to the individual implementor. Things like radiated and conducted noise, noise susceptibility, ESD susceptibility, etc. need not be in the spec., but an annex might point out the relevant documents governing them. I'm sure I've missed a few things here, but seems to me the actual spec. part is pretty short. Comments??


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