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Re: Specifying Discovery

From:  Scott Burton@MITEL on 11/17/2000 10:50 AM
 I agree that the standard should treat the PSE as a "black box" as much as
compatibility will allow. In this respect we would  specify the PSE detection
signal characteristics but not the implementation.

I wonder if the same approach could be adopted for the PD, where rather than
specify an actual network we could describe its characteristics instead. For
example, we could include a requirement that for valid detection the PD must
exhibit a certain resistive impedance over a specified applied voltage range.
Depending on the PSE specification (particularly the timing), it may then be
possible to design a low-power, low-cost PD that wouldn't necessarily require
"isolation" from its detection circuitry.

If I can assist with this effort, particularly from a PD perspective, please let
me know.


Scott Burton

Design Engineer
Mitel Corporation
Kanata, Ontario, Canada
TEL: 613-592-2122
FAX: 613-592-4784