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a "simple" template for resistive discovery

Title: a "simple" template for resistive discovery

I decided to put together a simple template proposal to help specify
the PD and PSE with regard to the discovery process. The 2 page template
came out of discussions with Roger Karam, a few IC vendors, as well as others.
The idea was to exclude specific implementation methods, and concentrate on what
needs to be specified in 802.3af given our decision to go with the "resistor" method.

Please look at the template proposal at:

Most of the actual numbers in this proposal are of course open for discussion at this point,
and I'm hoping that this will spark more discussion.

By the way, this "documents" directory is new, and it is specifically intended to be a place to put
files that help share information between 802.3af meetings which are also timely to the discussion at the time.

As before, the protocol for sharing a file is to send an email (with the attachment) to David Law,
and not the reflector.

- Rick