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Re: Specifying Discovery

Hi Don

I think the slope-based approach is a must, given all the issues we were concerned about,
say Leackage, matching, and temperature....   I have heard no one mention
that a single measurement was sufficient, as a matter of fact I have seen us
go from risky to implement (single measurement) to feasible and even easily 
done once the slope approach was introduced.  specifying This may fit well with the
 spec that Rick Brooks just posted in the directory please look at them...

So it may be a good idea to dictate the "slope" approach.  what we would not
want to do is dictate use  a  X Bit A/D  - or superonductors....  Hopefully this
insures that we do not make a "compatibility mess" out there where one of 
us uses a single point measurement that could generate some false detections
and make a mess....