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More to Come


I have sent David Law a file with a bunch of my test schematics modified
to allow us to test the IEEE compliance with power over Twisted pair...
please feel free to modify, add ....

anyway, these are the test circuits that I came up with and they can be
modified, i.e. if you have a Balun designed to work with power on it to measure
return loss, you may not need my circuit (involves using ac-coupling caps,
and inductors to do a return loss measurement).

also I have a test for the magnetics that may be  needed to determine
balance/functionality, for Noise,  what voltage levels we may need to use for 
making sure that detection can be successful if the 50-60hz line frequency finds
its way on the cable...

Last Gigabit 1000BT may be a low hanging fruit, and my preliminary testing
before the San Diego meeting shows that it is no different than 100TX, I am 
trying to find some help to show some data to raise our comfort level.