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it's time for another poll

Title: it's time for another poll

we have decided one thing, but there are many other items that we have not really agreed to yet.

I wanted to take a non-binding poll to see what people are thinking.
In order to facilitate this, I have compiled several PD front end schematics for your enjoyment.
I show the needed polarity diodes and the under-voltage lockout circuit, followed by some kind of power supply.
The under-voltage lockout circuit could close the series load FET at the same time as opening the signature FET,
but that is of course optional.

These circuits help to illustrate how many components are needed for the various options.
Please look at this file before proceeding:

Please reply with you votes, or comments on these questions:

1) Should we accommodate crossover cables, i.e. take either polarity of power?  (more cost in the PD)
yes_____    no_____

2) Should we require having a non-linear component in series with the signature resistor for discovery?
yes_____    no_____

3) Should we pick one and only one pair at this time to send power?
yes_____    no_____

If yes, then pick one:    1236_____     4578_____

4) Should we specify power for both pairs, with the second pair being optional for higher power?
yes_____    no_____

5) Should we leave open the possibility of using the second pair for power in the future?
yes_____    no_____

6) If we were to allow power on both pairs,
should we make discovery on each pair independent of the power on the other pair?
yes_____    no_____


This poll is certainly not official or binding, I'm just trying to get some discussion and opinions going.

- Rick