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RE: it's time for another poll

	1) Should we accommodate crossover cables, i.e. take either polarity
of power?  (more cost in the PD)
	yes [ X ]   no [   ]   

(Too many chances for confusion / miswiring otherwise)

	2) Should we require having a non-linear component in series with
the signature resistor for discovery?
	yes [   ]    no [ x ]   

(Require, no.  Allow, yes - PHS.)

3) Should we pick one and only one pair at this time to send power?
yes [   ]    no [   ]   no opinion [ x ]

If yes, then pick one:    1236 [   ]     4578 [   ] 

4) Should we specify power for both pairs, with the second pair being
optional for higher power?
yes [  ]    no [ x ]

	5) Should we leave open the possibility of using the second pair for
power in the future?
	yes [ x ]    no [   ]    

(There probably will come a time when this is needed.  Mid-span insertion
may drive its desirability.)

6) If we were to allow power on both pairs,
should we make discovery on each pair independent of the power on the other
yes [ X ]    no [   ] 

Peter Schwartz
Phone:  408.435.2460