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RE:it's time for another poll

1) Should we accommodate crossover cables, i.e. take either polarity of
power?  (more cost in the PD)
yes__X___    no_____

2) Should we require having a non-linear component in series with the
signature resistor for discovery?
yes_____    no_____
I'm leaning toward yes on this as it decreases the possibility of false
detect on something that has a resistor; but that will create more
complexity in the PSE detection since it has to detect both polarities....

3) Should we pick one and only one pair at this time to send power?
yes_____    no__X___
This was decided in a vote in Ottawa.

If yes, then pick one:    1236_____     4578_____

4) Should we specify power for both pairs, with the second pair being
optional for higher power?
yes_____    no__X___
I thought this had also been voted on but I can't find it.

5) Should we leave open the possibility of using the second pair for power
in the future?
yes___X__    no_____
This seems like a logical and useful extension to the spec, but let's not
get into it now.

6) If we were to allow power on both pairs,
should we make discovery on each pair independent of the power on the other
yes_____    no_____
I think this will get into a complicated discussion on compatibility issues
with single pair PSE & PD devices coupled with double pair PD & PSE
devices.  Getting into this now will add time to an already delayed