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Re: it's time for another poll

1) Should we accommodate crossover cables, i.e. take either polarity of
power?  (more cost in the PD)
yes_X___    no_____

2) Should we require having a non-linear component in series with the
signature resistor for discovery?
yes_____    no_X___

3) Should we pick one and only one pair at this time to send power?
yes_X___    no_____

If yes, then pick one:    1236_____     4578_____

4) Should we specify power for both pairs, with the second pair being
optional for higher power?
yes_____    no_X___

5) Should we leave open the possibility of using the second pair for power
in the future?
yes_____    no_____

6) If we were to allow power on both pairs,
should we make discovery on each pair independent of the power on the other
yes_____    no__X__