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Re: it's time for another poll


Please reply with you votes, or comments on these questions:

My answers here below are driven by decisions we already take.
These decisions were :
    -It has to be chosen one or another pairs to deliver the power
     at the power source side
    -Terminal has to be able to sink power on both pair sets.

1) Should we accommodate crossover cables, i.e. take either polarity of
power?  (more cost in the PD)
yes_____    no__X___

2) Should we require having a non-linear component in series with the
signature resistor for discovery?
yes_____    no___X__
but it should be left open since the slope method is efficient even when
a non-linear component is
present in the signature circuit.

3) Should we pick one and only one pair at this time to send power?
yes_____    no__X___
Because as many attendees said there are risks to use signal pairs to
carry out a mid-span
insertion product and on the other hand using signal pairs for a switch
powering is efficient
in order to carry out equipment able to take into account cabling system
providing only
signal pairs up to terminal.
If yes, then pick one:    1236_____     4578_____

4) Should we specify power for both pairs, with the second pair being
optional for higher power?
yes_____    no__X___

5) Should we leave open the possibility of using the second pair for
power in the future?
yes_____    no___X__

6) If we were to allow power on both pairs,
should we make discovery on each pair independent of the power on the
other pair?
yes_____    no___X__
Because since terminal is specified as able to sink power from both
a positive discovery result on one pair implies both pairs can be used
to deliver power.
That means it will be very easy to use both pairs at power source, as
standard evolution,
in order to be able in the future to power terminal such as Laptop.