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RE: RE:it's time for another poll

Title: RE: RE:it's time for another poll

I was asking the question apparently out of ignorance of the fact that this has already been agreed to.
I don't want to open it up again now, if that causes any delay or confusion.

I was asking if we should simply pick a single pair at this time, the same one for switch/hub, the midspan, and the PD.

My motivation was to try to simplify our position of maybe this pair for the switch/hub, and the other pair for the
midspan, but never both pairs at once in a single cable.
We were allocating all 8 wires, but only ever getting the use of 4 wires in any single cable.
This seems like a waste.
Also the PD ends up with 8 diodes (2 bridges), only 2 diode of the 8 are ever used, so I thought that was inefficient.

- Rick