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RE: floating power, be afraid...

Title: RE: floating power, be afraid...

thanks Peter.

1) as far as a possible grounding rule goes, it would be the same as the rule when installing
AC power distribution. At the source of the isolated power, one side of the power is tied to chassis ground.
In AC power distribution, this is done at the output of the isolation transformer. The conductor
that is hooked at this point to chassis ground is then called the "neutral". Therefore, the neutral
carries load current, but chassis ground does not handle load current. This method keeps the wires from
going to high volatges, except during transients.
So for DTE power, the single grounded point would be right at the output of the floating power supply
or battery.

2) As far as the 10 meg leakage path goes, I don't think that it presents a safety problem.
Right now we have high voltage caps whose leakage may look like 10 meg at DC anyway.
Also, the load current does not go through that 39K, since it is to ground.

The advantage of choice 1 is that there are proven large power distribution systems that use it already.
Also, it guarantees that the wires do not charge up to high voltages.

- Rick