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RE: PSE vs. PD power dissipation again

Title: RE: PSE vs. PD power dissipation again

that is a concise summary alright.

One more thing that we should try to consider is the overall market.
We should try to give the best tradeoffs to the center of mass of that market.
Let's try to make the center of mass better.

Otherwise, it is easy for each of us to try to make the spec favor our part of the market (PSE or PD).
Since I would do PSE's, say, I would favor lower PSE cost and higher port density, so option 1.

In a way, I hate to ask for marketing input here, but that might be the best way to help
to choose the best of the 2 options.

For example:
If we all think that the largest part of the market will be rather large PD's (maybe 8 to 12 watts)
that need a big input capacitors, then Option 2 might be the best.

If we all think that the PD designs will be all over the map in terms of power
and required DC/DC capacitance, then option 1 might be the best.
I'm talking here about numbers of units shipped, not just the fact that there will be 1W PD's and 12W PD's.

We should lower overall (relative) cost of the system:
# of PSE ports shipped
cost per PSE port
# of PD ports shipped
cost per PD port

- Rick