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RE: PD power start up


It looks O.K. however I would like to make some changes in the wording of
choice 1:

	Choice 1:
	    Normal operation:

	    The PD will will draw between 10mA to 350mA average current for

	    During startup  :

	    The PSE will limit the current to 1.5 times the max. staedy
state value for TBD msec.
	                      During startup, PD may drop the line voltage
to zero for TBD mesec max.
	   Is it O.K. by you?


> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Dieter Knollman [SMTP:djhk@xxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent:	ש, מרץ 24, 2001 8:21 PM
> To:	Yair Darshan
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> Subject:	PD power start up
> Yair,
> I believe we have two choices.
> Choice 1:  Define a special start up case for the PD.
>     In this state the PD is allowed to violate steady state requirements.
>     The PD may drop the line voltage to zero.
>     The PD may draw any current level.
>     The PSE will supply current at a level about 1.5 times the steady
> state
> value.
>     The time for the start up state is limited to X ms.
> Choice 2: The PD meets steady state requirements.
>     In order to receive power
>         the PD input voltage is >30 volts and
>         the PD current is >10ma and <350ma.
> Some violations are allowed for Y ms.
> Can we have a straw poll?
> Dieter
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