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Re: PD power start up

Dieter -

I can live with #1, but I prefer #2 from an implementation standpoint.

Count me for #2.


At 11:20 AM 3/24/2001 -0700, Dieter Knollman wrote:
>I believe we have two choices.
>Choice 1:  Define a special start up case for the PD.
>     In this state the PD is allowed to violate steady state requirements.
>     The PD may drop the line voltage to zero.
>     The PD may draw any current level.
>     The PSE will supply current at a level about 1.5 times the steady state
>     The time for the start up state is limited to X ms.
>Choice 2: The PD meets steady state requirements.
>     In order to receive power
>         the PD input voltage is >30 volts and
>         the PD current is >10ma and <350ma.
>Some violations are allowed for Y ms.
>Can we have a straw poll?