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Re: PSE vs. PD power dissipation again

Roger, Please see reply below.

R karam wrote:
> Hi Rick
> this is good, I am afraid of a reply here.
> we minx it with marketing... got me sweating.
> one disadvantage of the reflector for me has been not having the time to keep
> up with all the input in one place to see who says what.
> Don, can we change the format a bit, where  an Excel spreadsheet is used
> to table opinions... (just an idea here) so we have all the 2cents in one place
> for all to absorb...
> Sorry but this is not the only thing that I do all day, and figured if some of
> us
> can use such an approach to come up to speed on the issues any process ideas?
> roger
[Don] Roger, I like the spreadsheet idea. But it takes time that I could not volunteer
plus opens lots of opportunity to misinterpret points people have raised. My low-cost,
fast, "raw info" approach is to use mail subjects to group each focused discussion.
I'd invite persons that summarize discussions for themselves to share that with the

> At 07:31 AM 3/23/01 -0800, Rick Brooks wrote:

(the rest has been cut)
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