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RE: PSE vs. PD power dissipation again

I agree with you Peter.
This is the right way to get the best spec.


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> Subject:	RE: PSE vs. PD power dissipation again
> Dieter:
> I don't think any state machine(s) have been officially adopted yet.  I do
> agree that Avaya has put forth the state diagrams for a proposed discovery
> scheme, but I did not think that those had been voted by the 802.3af
> committee into the status of PSE or PD requirements.  Therefore, I would
> encourage that we keep an open mind as to what we should consider
> modifying,
> and what benefits and liabilities accrue from such modifications prior to
> the formal adoption of these technical suggestions.
> I by no means seek to detract from the good work which Avaya has done.  I
> merely seek to retain flexibility if and where it pays to do so.
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> [Dieter]
> Start-up voltage:  Yair allows the PD to drop the line voltage below the
> start-up threshold of 30 volts.  All the state machines for the resistor
> proposal have stated that the PD should only draw power if the voltage is
> greater than start-up.  We can allow this, but it creates a special
> start-up
> state.