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RE: [802.3af] RE: Single port insertion time issue.

Brian & Yair,

I agree with your conclusion as well.  The standard should restrict
itself to signals that are present on the ethernet cable - i.e. at the
PSE output port or PD input port. how a particular PD manufacturer
chooses to sequence the power-up of the PD's internal voltage rails is
outside the scope of the standard.

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I agree with your conclusion. Definition A - The time to 
see 44-57 volts on the output of the PSE is the right time to measure.
You could also say 33-57 volts at the PD input port but I think
specifying at the PSE will be easier to test. By specifying any other
time we are getting too far into the PD and its operation, which I think
we need not do. The 
time "from PSE voltage at the port to Data being sent" is best 
left to implementation.


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>Subject: Single port insertion time issue.
>Attached short summary of the issue with the data that we have so far. 
>Please review it in order to close this issue.
> <<Single Port Insertion Time -Considering System Aspects.pdf>>
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