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Re: [802.3af] Re: Startup and PD input cap

Hi to all,

adding my 2c to this.

 let's do what is technically robust and two things will happen here
 quoting Karl Nakamura all along in this standard has been saying:

" A- we succeed then volume drives cost down
  B- we fail then it really does not matter"

we paid $17 for a 10/100 phy early in the game (96-97) does anyone care to see where it
is at now? last year it was around $2 or so.

If we think PD inrush is technically more robust then that should be the way, so Far and I am
not speaking for anyone, it seems like a lot of the analog vendors favor it, of course it buys me
an integrated solution in the switch but we will never let the software guy power 4 or 8 ports in
no time difference so this should no longer be the political potatoe we are worried about ....

if we think there is no potential for problems there will be problems, but if we think going in
that we are taking higher risk, we may create a mess.  So i would appreciate a vote on how many
of us agree with Dave that having the inrush in the PD may be worth while ....

sorry for dwelling.