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Re: [802.3af] quick questions

Hi  yair 

when we want to know when you wake up so here:

1- what is the incremental cost of the PD inrush if we add it?
   and there is sure no shortage of parts needed in the PD now, so Integration
   will happen, what is the added cost of the inrush relative to the rest of the needed circuitry?

2- May be for a class of devices with very low power we do want to rely on the inrush
    from the switch alone .... I am not sure that we are advocating Inrush in the PD 
    at all classes and under all circumstances? Dave do you belive this to be the case?


3- Peter Raised a point where he was worried about the next port turn on time,
   I am not sure that I got an answer to my question, clarifiying Peter's concern
   the 350uf cap, if we turn on  port A at time T, how long will we have to wait to
   Turn the Next port on if we make an octal part say? and what if we can turn on
   every 3rd port at the same time or something ...

did we calculate to accomodate a single PSE part?

yo all have a nice week end, Hurry and solve all this, Rick will be back next week.