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RE: [802.3af] Commenting on the draft


How about sending the same format which is used in As it turned
out, there also, we had to decide to take both type of comments (in
formatted text and tool based).


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> Subject: [802.3af] Commenting on the draft
> I've received a few question on how to comment on the draft, so I
> figure one
> mail to the list is probably in order.
> We will be getting a ballot tool set up to provide comments in
> the same format
> that is identical to the format we will need to process once we go out to
> working group ballot.  In the mean time, I would suggest that you begin
> compiling a list of comments in your favourite text editor
> organised with the
> following information:
>      Page Number
>      Line Number
>      Text as written
>      Explanation on the "problem" or issue
>      Text as you would like to see it.
> If you feel you need to supply a drawing, please prepare a
> drawing in a separate
> file.  When the comment tool is ready, we will post the drawing
> on the web site
> and your comment will contain a link to the picture on the web
> page and the rest
> of the information in the comment.  There may be a way that you
> can include
> files such as drawing in the comment itself, but failing that we
> can post links.
> If we have trouble getting the tool, I'll start asking for
> comment to be sent
> directly to the reflector, but for now just start collecting them.
> Cheers
> Mike